quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2002

A ter em conta:
"(...)Several years ago I made a conscious effort to go rustic for motives of the utmost purity: To escape the media-driven droning of Washington. I had watched political obsession destroy the best minds of my generation. Many awaited the pre-dawn plop of the Post on their doorstep with the same yearning an adolescent boy takes to that fabled peephole into the girls' shower.
Yet as the sheep graze nearby, I find myself fully in the grips of News-Flow Mania. This is a debilitating condition. Where there was once hope of thinking the long thoughts of middle age, reading the great books of antiquity, and of escaping the tyranny of the morning headlines, there is now a rechecking of events on the hour, sometimes more often than that. The stories are almost always of no real importance". (Texto completo: Dave Shiflett, News-Flow Mania, National Review Online, 9.Out.2002)

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